søndag den 8. marts 2009

yo dude!

Sup fellow bloggers?

so yesterday was an awesome day for me... there was this huge sales thingy, thats only around 2 times a year, and guess what...I WAS THERE!!!!!!
anyways it was really cool but PACKED with people... I had to stand in line to get in for almost 20 mins :O
It was kinda difficult to see all the things because of all the people... but hey it was a giga sale. You could save up to 90 % on cool brands. I bought a sweet pink (yes pink O.O) hat, and lots of underwear/lingerie from hunkemøller (not gonna show you pics of that ;) ) and then I bought some really cool summer shoes that you can wear for everyday or party :) and dont call me short when Im wearing them.

My new love <3 

anyways things are good here... 

Take care 

- Mie

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