mandag den 23. februar 2009


So I was planning on talking about a great time I had the other day, but for some reason my mood has been way down today... and I really didn't wanna fake it here...trying to keep it real and all.

So all day I've been listening to a song from Pink's new cd Funhouse called I don't believe you, and this song just makes me cry... it's that good. I feel like I have so much to say but I have no idea how to explain myself or even if I should tell what I feel... I guess i'll just keep it for myself for now.

I'll just leave you guys with the song - Pink: I don't believe you

Take care

- Mie

torsdag den 12. februar 2009

Soooo sorry :S

Im so sorry for the lack of update here...and get ready because here is my lame excuse....

I forgot what email I used for this account... it said I had a google email which I clearly do not have so I got confused I kinda thought okay gonna let this blog go...but taaadaaa im back baby :)
To tell you the truth nothing exciting has been going on here... I've been sick so i've mostly seen my bed, and trust me that one gets boring after a couple of days..yikes! 
Oh so 2 days ago I started my training again (just gym) after the whole being sick thing...and oh my freaking god I sounded like a 70 year old guy... coughing and sweating and stuff... I seriously had a cough attack (yeah thats what I call it...don't know if it's the right term) and in the end I just had to get out of there.
Oh im gonna see if I have time to blog tomorrow cause I bought some cool stuff today that I can't wait to show you guys... it has something to do with nails...uhhhh girl stuff yeah I know
Anyways im gonna go pretty much just here to say im back :p