lørdag den 25. april 2009


So I guess I found out why im so depressed and tired lately (follow the link for part 4)

Dont really know what to say.... kinda speechless  :/

søndag den 19. april 2009


Sup people :p

Okay so not much has been going on here, so im just gonna say hi and let you know that im still alive lol
So today has pretty much been a super lazy sunday, and when I say lazy I mean LAZY!!!
I only went out for a short time (yup skipped gym today) and that was to shop :p
I bought these cool vans that were on sale... god I love them, Im so gonna wear them tomorrow now i just have to find the right outfit for them - bah :p

Cute eh? :p

Anyways Im good and things here are okay good :)
Btw I made a new youtube channel, and I promise I'll put the link up as soon as I get some stuff up on there :)

Thats it for now

Take care

- Mie