tirsdag den 3. marts 2009

Okay first things first... Im okay. yeah thats right Im Okey dokey :) 

Everyone who is kinda close to me has been all up in my face asking if Im okay and stuff and yeah again Im ok...just fine.
So I had a little accident yesterday (the reason why people keep talking to me :S ). I kinda got hit/run over by a car. May I just add that I did nothing wrong (this time)... It is so typical, when you're being the good citizen, bam you get hit... BUT if you dont care and just walk as you want, nothing freaking happens to you... Im just sayin'. 
So yeah anyways a car hit me right in the stomach and I felt flat on the ground. The guy who drove the car was pretty sweet though.. you could see he was sorry and he helped me up and tried to comfort me cause yeah I cried like a little girl. I actually cried all the way home and may I just say I had to walk home from there which is about 2 km or so.......yeah.
I had to be checked at the hospital/er because my mom was freaking out about it and it turns out I got a small concussion + Im totally bruised up all over... yeah Im talking about sexy legs here bwahahaha
Sorry I know Im joking my way through it when everyone around me thinks of it as a big deal, but hey Im still alive right? and even though Im hurting once in a while, I know there is people out there who is worse, so Im not the one who wants to feel sorry.
Anyways I guess things are as good as it can be here in Mie land...
Oh I'll leave you with some pics that was taken about 2 weeks ago when it was snowy :p

View from my window

The park late at night... now that was fun

Take care 


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