lørdag den 6. juni 2009


wow over a month since I last wrote a post here :O

im so sorry and the same goes for my youtube channel... there has just been so many things to do and catch up on.... i will be better I promise... thats a promise I make a lot I know...sorry
anyways nothing THAT exciting has been going on since the last time so im just gonna blog a bit about last sunday.

I was so lucky that I got a free ticket to a soccer game where you saw FCK (one of the soccer teams) getting a trophy. i think they won the danish championship or something like that... not really sure lol

The view from where I was sitting

After the game they were getting ready to celebrate with live music and such :)

the team got medals and confetti was all over the field

anyways that is it for now I might write soon (hopefully)

Take care 

- Mie