fredag den 16. januar 2009

polish, yes sir

Hi all

so I dont really have that much to inform you about, I just felt like writing something.
It's been super cold here these last couple of days... im seriously freezing my butt off.

So anyways in the last blog i forgot to mention the nail polishes... sorry :/
anyways the nail polishes are :
60 seconds 800 Black out (black)
60 seconds 809 Blue me away (blue)
60 seconds 310 red carpet (red)
all of them are from Rimmel, and I'm really surprised at how good they are... Usually I always end up scrapping some of the nail polish off, but not this one (Im wearing the red one btw... It's kinda a seductive one but can also work as pardon my french, a bitch nail polish. I prefer the first one ;) ). The blue one I kinda bought by accident. I was gonna buy a purple one, and it looked like it was purple in the store because of the lighting, but when I got home I saw that it was blue - but it's still pretty :)

hmm what else can I say... oh, I know I'm on that healthy wagon but today I gave in for an energy drink it was sooooo good that I actually drank 2 bahahaha (I usually only drink water and tea, when I'm trying to be healthy)
I've been in a weird mood today... filled with energy, (that happened before the energy drinks I might ad) and really lame jokes.... 
I'm still reading that The Little Princess book.. but haven't really been able to concentrate on it... my mind is somewhere else, perhaps even in a different country :)

Well thats it for now... 

Take care

- Mie

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