søndag den 11. januar 2009

hello + about me

Hi I'm Mie and this is my first

So who am I? Well if i had that answer I would be a lot smarter, but I can tell you a few thing.
I'm a 21 year young woman/girl...whatever you want to call me. I love music it is my nr 1 passion and can't live without it. I'm born and raised in Denmark, its a small cosy little place... I can't really complain. I like to draw things, but im clearly not the best one out there ;) reading is fun too... i've finished a couple of books and yes im proud of that :p  
Oh I should point out that I can be very sarcastic... and sometimes I should really think before I speak... but hey don't we all.
So I'm still really new to this Blogspot thing and honestly I have no idea of what I'm doing other than writing this... between you and I.. I have already deleted a few things i shouldn't
anywhoo, I'm gonna try as much as I can to keep this site updated with blogs, pics and maybe even videos of some sort...

Until next time, take care 


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