tirsdag den 31. marts 2009


So again its been a long time since i blogged...sorry for that, just been busy with life :/

I have kinda deleted some earlier posts and i kinda deleted the follower thing a couple of times (ups) but I have learned my lesson... DO NOT TOUCH WEIRD STUFF!!!
So today I got this job (task) to do... I had to draw a card to some woman I dont know, and its a 40 year anniversary card so I had to make it FANTABULOUS (lol) and I only had a limited time to do it....just so you know, it is harder than you think cause they do expect you to deliver some nice materials.. lets just say im sick of drawing flowers now....
Oh, earlier today (early morning) I had time to watch tv...shouldn't have done sir. I watched teenage mutant ninja turtles, and guess what theme song was stuck in my head for the rest of the day bahahaha


So anyways that is it for today.... I will try to be better at this...even if I have to kick my own butt...

Take care

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